Blondzpride Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Welcome                                                                                                                                        This site is about our family, we hope you enjoy the visit.

I would like to introduce our selves too you and tell you a little about our us.

We got our first Rhodesian Ridgeback in the late 1990 s after years of dreaming of this amazing breed , I have owned a variety of breeds from puppies through to rescues  but this bred was one I had wanted in my life since I was a young teenager, we did years of research in to the bred and learning as much information as we could, we knew when this bred finally arrived in our home it would be the one we would always have by our sides.

Blondie was our first  soon followed by another then another ! 

We started to show with Kylie and Sabrina and both girls did well but Sabs started to show she was not as comfortable in the ring as she was ringside so we concentrated on Kylie and continued to bring Sabs along for cuddles and fuss.

Kylie was  livernosed , standard blacknosed was still more favoured at this time, however she did us and the livernose proud. Kylie was also popular among general hound breed judges and never failed to show the most superb movement often being quoted as floating effortlessly . 

We have had a lot of pleasure from this breed and our Rhodesian  Ridgebacks,  Jynx, Sabrina and Miss Jones and our other family members Buffy the Boston terrier 12 yrs,  Jojo the Whippet 3yrs and Floss the parson 4 yrs and last but not least Tweety the cat .

We have also met some wonderful people along the way and some we are blessed to call our extended family. Having this breed in our lives has made the world a lot better place to live in. 

Buffy is my eldest daughters first pet  and JoJo is my middle daughter first pet ,My passion is for the ridgebacks but we all care for them together and my children take an active part in their care and rearing. 

Our house as you are starting to picture is a busy home and none of us would have it any other way , we all love the country side and have been blessed by our surroundings , I love the fact my children come home from school and love to walk the dogs and take great care to make sure everyone is happy and no one is ever left out , Many of our weekends are spent with our family out and about exploring new places and visiting favorites 

 I dont think ill ever stop learning about this bred or about dogs in general and I am forever thankful for all the people who have helped me come along this path and especially to those who have extended a hand along the road through their knowledge, support and kindness. 

My aim with this breed is for the breeding and rearing of healthy well temperament dogs who will fit in to a family and that they can be as proud of their baby s as we want to be in saying we bred them . But we don't want to forget their purpose and breed character . The further I have come along this path the more passionate I have become about their future and self improvement has also been part of this .